Admont 6

Admont 6

J.T. Kalmar conceived this impressive Wiener Werkbund design in 1930. Fitted with ten arms and as many incandescent lamps, Admont is an elegant and organic sculptural accompaniment to dining tables of varying lengths.

The oiled rosewood, wenge, oak or walnut frame branches into individual lamp holders, which are protected by natural silk shades that completely eliminate glare from a 60-degree angle. Admont features the proprietary black cord that distinguishes the Kalmar Werkstätten brand, and metal may be finished in blackened bronze or matte-black lacquer.

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Material options and specifications

Lighting Family



Rosewood | Black Bronze with Highlighted Edges

Wenge | Black Bronze with Highlighted Edges

Oak | Matte Black Lacquer

Oak | Black Bronze with Highlighted Edges

Walnut | Black Bronze with Highlighted Edges




Black Textile

Electrical Specifications

6 x E27 40W


6.5 kg

Estimated Delivery

TBC upon order
Dimensions are shown in millimetres.